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Our Values

Earn Our Customers' Love

Earn Our Customers' Love

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and our most important stakeholder. We strive to earn their love with everything we do.

To Build a Great Company, Build a Great Team

To Build a Great Company, Build a Great Team

We believe that an important part of building a great company is making sure that our employees are the best they can be.

Smart, Humble, and Empathetic

Smart, Humble, and Empathetic

Our employees appreciate, benefit, and learn from working with other smart, humble, and empathetic people. We strive to hire those who care deeply about others and interact with empathy towards our customers, partners, and employees.

Be Fired up and Get It Done

Be Fired up and Get It Done

As much as we benefit from working with smart, humble, and empathetic employees, we also need to “get it done” to pursue our enormous market opportunity. We are in hyper-growth mode and are scaling to fill the demands of the market and our current and future customers.

Tasteful not Wasteful

Tasteful not Wasteful

We want to invest in areas that matter the most -- in other words, spend “tastefully,” not wastefully. We believe that thoughtful spending is essential to building a high-quality business.

One Team

One Team

It is critical that we act as and make decisions as a unified company, doing our best to optimize globally rather than locally. This means doing our best to avoid the misalignments that some companies can be prone to. It means recognizing that when employees and teams succeed, Confluent as a whole succeeds.


Best Teammates on Planet Earth

Loving your job has a lot to do with the people around you. Luckily at Confluent, you will find some of the most genuine people who make you excited to come to work each day.

Well-Being and Growth

Employee growth and well-being are priorities at Confluent. We offer resources to support wellness and mental health in the workplace, and provide opportunities for employee learning and development.

Robust Benefits

Health and wellness is important and Confluent is proud to offer a total benefits program that ranks in the top percentile of companies similar in size to our industry in our established geographies.

Flexible Paid Time Off (PTO)

Confluent employees work really hard to meet the needs of our growing and scaling business. To make sure that we don’t burn out, we encourage everyone to balance their PTO in an adequate way.

Learn More About Our Teams

  • Business Technology and Data

    Help Confluent be as data-driven, systematic, and efficient as possible to enable growth and scale.

  • Customer Solutions

    Ensures the power and impact of CSG, to our customers, is greater than the sum of the parts, all while never losing sight of the need to continually “earn our customers’ love.” They deliver world-class operational support to our functional service lines as well as optimizing for cross-functional alignment to provide for scale and execution optimization, in support of Customer Journeys and Health.

  • Engineering

    Our engineering team has multiple areas of expertise and have teams that focus on building our core distributed infrastructure systems that we sell, building connect and streams processing capabilities, building the infrastructure, framework, and tools to deliver and scale our products across cloud and on-prem environments, and focused on building out platform-wide security features including participating in CVE analyses and fixes, as well as Compliance based engineering features.

  • Finance and Accounting

    Provide timely, accurate, clear, and complete financial information to all stakeholders while safeguarding the company's assets.

  • Global Field Operations

    Encompasses our Global Sales, Customer Solutions Group, Partner Ecosystem, Strategy & Operations, and Sales Productivity teams. Focuses on earning our customers’ love by ensuring their success and guiding them through each phase of their data in motion journey.

  • Growth and Marketing

    We are the driving force for Data in Motion built for the cloud and fuel for Confluent’s growth. Our branding has purpose, our messaging is differentiated, and our marketing inspires both pre-believers and pre-buyers tech executives and practitioners to take action. Confluent is the destination for the best marketers in the world and as one team, we will become the most trusted and innovative Data brand.

  • Legal

    Confluent Legal Team provides legal advice to foster sound decision-making in all areas of Confluent’s operations. We provide counsel to minimize risk, reduce litigation exposure, and ensure legal compliance. We collaborate with all Confluent teams worldwide, and do so efficiently, reliably, and professionally.

  • Partner Ecosystem

    We will build and orchestrate a partner ecosystem that establishes Confluent as the 'platform of choice' for data in motion, and drives non-linear growth for Confluent globally and across multiple verticals.

  • People

    To hire, develop and retain smart, humble, and empathetic employees in a highly inclusive environment where employees can do their best work.

  • Product

    To design, develop and launch successful products that win in the market through strategic analysis of the competitive and market landscape.